Dr. Igel's July Patient Newsletter Jul 9, 2019
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A Note from Dr. Igel...

A Note from Dr. Igel...

Happy Summer!  Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and had a great 4th of July!

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding if we had to reschedule your appointment last month due to my being out of the office for a herniated disc in my neck.  I am on the mend and feeling better each day.

Also, you should have received an email from me last week announcing it's that time again when Omaha Magazine reaches out to the community to ask you your opinion about who your favorite businesses are!  We hope Igel Orthodontics is one of your favorites!  Below is the link if you have not yet had an opportunity to vote.  The voting process is quite simple:

    •  Click HERE to Register to vote.

    •  Check your email and click the link.

     •  Vote for a minimum of five categories.

     •  Click "I'm Done Voting" 

That’s it!  Voting ends Aug. 20, 2019.  After you finish voting, you can download your Proof of Voting Certificate to show to participating businesses for discounts. If you bring your certification to our office, we have a little something for you!  So stop in with your certificate by August 22nd for your take-home item.


Aligner Attachments

Aligner Attachments Well, of course you're attached to your aligners! Clear aligners are a wonderful, inconspicuous option for orthodontic treatment. But we're talking about 3D attachments-those tiny tooth-colored pieces that are placed on your teeth to make your treatment even more effective.

Sensory Boards

Sensory Boards

Entertaining the younger siblings of our patients just got easier!

Check out our new Sensory boards.  Sensory boards are fun, hands-on activities for babies and toddlers to help them touch, explore and learn about different objects all in one place.

Sensory boards improve the development of thoughts, intellegence and social skills.  

You may find our own Igel Team hanging around the kids area too because these are super fun to play with at any age!


Helpful Retainer Habits

Helpful Retainer Habits We've probably all seen that unhappy kid or frazzled parent sifting through trash for a lost retainer. If we're really unlucky, we might have been that unhappy kid or frazzled parent sifting through the unpleasant remains of third period lunch hour. But getting tossed isn't the only risk these appliances face. Read on for ways to keep your retainer (and your parent!) happy.

Earn More Points on your Rewards Card

Earn More Points on your Rewards Card

Everyone likes to be rewarded for hard work, right?  We agree!  It's not JUST about being on time,  brushing great and scheduling your appointments -- it's about having fun too! 

The next time you are in the office, you can earn points by checking in on Facebook or tagging us on Instagram.  Go ahead...earn those points and let the world know you are here and having fun at Igel Orthodontics!

See you soon!

Tips to Keep Braces Clean

Tips to Keep Braces Clean Orthodontic technology changes and improves all the time. Today's braces are lighter, smaller, and more efficient than those of past years. Wires are thinner and more flexible. Even brackets come in different styles and colors. These developments are all great news for braces wearers. Unfortunately, there is one advancement we haven't been able to offer: self-cleaning braces.

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