Bracket Chatter February 25, 2015
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Are You Following Us on Instagram?

Are You Following Us on Instagram?

Everyone loves an opportunity to win great prizes, right? Forever Smiles gives you a chance every month by following us on Instagram: @ForeverSmilesBG.

All you have to do is tag us in those selfies you take when you get your braces put on, or when you have them taken off at the end of treatment. We want to see those smiles!

We will pick a favorite photo each month, and that patient will win a pair of movie tickets.

Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Orthodontics

Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Orthodontics

When we think about snoring, dads get most of the blame for being the culprits. But males and females, adults and children snore from time to time.

Chronic snoring in children could be a sign of sleep-disordered breathing such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea – a condition in which the upper airway gets blocked repeatedly while sleeping.

This forces the diaphragm and chest muscles to work harder to open the obstructed airway and pull air into the lungs during OSA episodes, and breathing typically begins again with an audible gasp, snort or body jerk. The long-term effects of these episodes can be serious because they interfere with sound sleep. They can reduce oxygen flow to vital organs and cause irregular heart rhythms.

“These health risks are one reason why sleep apnea in children is starting to get talked about more often,” says Dr. Yan Razdolsky. “We must bring more attention to this issue because some studies show that about 80 percent of sleep-disordered breathing cases aren’t reported to family doctors or pediatricians. I fear parents don’t know snoring is worth mentioning to their child’s dentist or orthodontist.”

Dr. Razdolsky says sleep-disordered breathing is another condition that could be diagnosed first by a dentist or orthodontist, since so many signs appear in the oral cavity.

Children at high risk for sleep-disordered breathing such as OSA often exhibit one or more of these characteristics:

  • reduced quality of life
  • smaller air passageways
  • narrow upper arches
  • higher palatal vaults
  • crossbite
  • underbite
  • smaller teeth
  • longer faces

Undiagnosed or untreated OSA also can negatively impact your child’s life quality, behavior, mental function, cardiovascular system and lipid regulation. One study found that children with sleep-disordered breathing are more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


We recently wrote an article on our blog about treating obstructive sleep apnea with orthodontics. You can learn more about this topic here.


The Razdolskys Attend 2015 Winter Conference

The Razdolskys Attend 2015 Winter Conference

Orthodontists are never finished learning. Working in this field requires a lifelong dedication to researching existing and new technologies and techniques so we continue to provide innovative, successful treatment options for patients.

Dr.  Razdolsky and Anna attended the American Association of Orthodontists 2015 Winter Conference in Miami Feb. 6-8. This year’s topic was Early Orthodontic Treatment: Who, When, Why and How to Treat.

The conference provided a wealth of evidence-based information that will help Dr. Razdolsky deliver appropriate early orthodontic decisions for our patients. 

Another Successful Artishock Fieldtrip

Another Successful Artishock Fieldtrip

We recently welcomed one of our favorite groups to the office for their third annual fieldtrip.

On Feb. 21, budding artists from Art Studio “Artishock” were asked the question, “What makes you smile, Crocodile?”

They got to see our newest addition to our display of animal skulls -the Nile crocodile – which joined our alligator skull and giant tooth-filled shark jaw last year. We use them to teach visitors about overbite, underbite and other types of malocclusion.

Now the next phase of the Artishock students’ project is underway: they’ve returned to the studio to create art based on our “What Makes You Smile, Crocodile?” theme.

In March, all of our patients will be treated to the artists’ artistic answers to that question, as we erect an exhibit of their work in our office. The art will be on display March 16 through April 30.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, because next month we will invite you to vote for your favorite artwork. Winners will be announced in May.

On Time Contest Winner

On Time Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kevin , who was the winner of our  January on time contest! Thank you for making it a point to arrive early or on time for your appointments. We appreciate you!

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