Bracket Chatter July 15, 2015
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Our Summer Reading Program is Going Strong

Our Summer Reading Program is Going Strong

Lots of patients are enjoying our summer reading program, and they’ve even found some keepers on our bookshelf. Be sure to visit our bookshelf at your next appointment so you can choose a book to read. If you love the book, keep it. Otherwise, bring it back and select another.

This is our way of helping our young patients maintain their reading skills through the summer. We’re also rewarding your efforts. We’ll give you three tokens for every book you read. You can collect tokens all summer long and cash them in for fun gifts, such as movie passes and other great items. Read on!

We Bring the Fun to Orthodontic Treatment

We Bring the Fun to Orthodontic Treatment

What do dippin’ dots, freshly baked cookies and free books have in common? If you’re a patient of Dr. Razdolsky, you know the answer: you can get them all at our office this summer!

Orthodontic treatment can be fun. We want our office to be a place you look forward to visiting. That’s why you often smell the scent of chocolate chip cookies when you’re in our office. We offer these ooey, gooey treats because they are a soft, braces-safe food you can eat even if your mouth feels a bit tender from having your braces bonded to your teeth or your arch wires adjusted.

Now we’ve added dippin’ dots to our offerings for the same reason. Not only are these little frozen, flavored ice cream beads a cool treat in hot weather, the coldness probably will feel soothing to your teeth if you’ve just had your braces put on. Dippin’ dots also are a great summertime reward when you complete your treatment and those braces or other appliances come off.

“We’ve seen through the years that patients who look forward to coming to our office for their recheck appointments tend to follow their orthodontic instructions, and their treatment goes faster,” Dr. Razdolsky says

The day you first get your braces is an exciting day, but we know the next milestone you look forward to is the day those braces come off and a beautiful smile is revealed. Incorporating tasty treats and fun contests and programs you can participate in as you progress through treatment are tools designed to make you feel like you’re part of our office family, and to keep you motivated about your treatment.

We hope you like these little touches we offer in our office as much as we love providing them. We look forward to seeing you soon!

On Time Contest Winner

On Time Contest Winner

Congratulations to Margaret who was the winner of our  June on time contest! Thank you for making it a point to arrive early or on time for your appointments. We appreciate you!

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